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PHS Alumni



Regardless of when you graduated or where life has taken you, we invite you to stay connected with the Pelham community and keep your Panther spirit alive! 

Since there hasn't been a formal way to connect with alumni before now, the Pelham City Schools Foundation is asking all PHS alumni to complete the Alumni Info Form. By answering a few questions, you will provide valuable input and help guide our alumni plans and events. 

Don't miss out on news, events, and alumni connection opportunities! Check out the PHS Alumni page, and complete the Alumni Info Form today, and help us grow the network of PHS Alumni by encouraging fellow classmates to do the same. 


PHS Alumni Info
Are you a graduate of Pelham High School?
If you did not graduate from Pelham High School, did you attend Pelham schools at some point during K-12?
What activities did you participate in when you attended Pelham High School?
What PHS alumni connection opportunities interest you?
Do/did you have children that attend(ed) Pelham City Schools?
Would you be interested in being a class ambassador for Pelham High School Alumni (share news, help connect with classmates, etc.)?
What is your preferred method of communication about Pelham High School Alumni news and events?
What social media outlets do you use most frequently?
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