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Board of Directors

Bob O'Neil

Mr. O’Neil has been a Pelham City Schools board of education member since July of 2019. He and his family have lived in Pelham since 2006. His interest in serving as a member of the board of education stems from his belief that public education is still the best means by which every child has a chance to be nurtured, challenged, encouraged, and equipped to make a positive difference in this world. 

Mr. O’Neil is guided by his vision for all Pelham students to be prepared to step out into the world as a productive contributor both in the workplace and as a citizen. In addition, he strongly believes in recruiting, employing and supporting the kind of teachers who can make the impossible—possible and in assisting parents in helping their children achieve their potential by being active participants in their child’s education. He is committed to listening to the interests and concerns of all (families, teachers, staff and students) and sharing those with the rest of the board to collaborate and ensure teachers are supported in their efforts to instruct and students are empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. 

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